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Who We Serve

In addition to our in-house team, we work smart to find the best professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies across the United States to work with us adding value to our customers and their properties. We work with all sizes of properties and all types of commercial property.

We provide our super performing engineering tax solutions for property owners and professionals that serve these industries to help them capture more income and tax savings for their clients across the US, US Territories or other countries where the owner pays US taxes and is NOT a CFC, Controlled Foreign Corporation, these overseas properties are looked at on a case by case basis.

We utilize unmatched engineering and tax expertise – allowing clients to have a full protection under the law throughout the entire R & D Tax Credit process. Our mission is to allow American innovators to make more money, reduce their tax bill and ultimately help fuel the American economy.

Our team consists of a specialized tax attorney in the areas of cost segregation/depreciation / R & D that compliments your already team of real estate attorneys or tax attorneys

Industries we serve include but are not limited to:

• Healthcare, Manufacturing, Industrial, Office Buildings, High Rise Office, Apartments/Multi-Family, Indoor Recreation Facilities, Hotels, Day Care, Leased Tenant Improvements, Car Washes, Auto Dealerships, Fast Food, Franchises, Auto Repair, Convenience Stores, For-Profit Hospitals, Skilled Nursing, Residential Rental Homes & REITs.

We specialize in both small and larger residential rental properties in the US, US Virgin Islands, and other locations worldwide that pay US taxes and are not registered as Controlled Foreign Corporation. Each overseas property is looked closely at on a case by case basis.

Our focus is entirely on finding value for our clients

We get great satisfaction from recovering that value for our clients and subsequently forging the kind of relationship that allows us to find further ways to collaborate.

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