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Our Professional Team

Our professional team is led by Barbara Hayley, founder and CEO of Hayley Capital, Hayley Engineering Software Solutions, ASAP, and Hayley Consulting, Inc, a noted expert in the field of cost segregation and professional development for individuals in business. She takes great pride in helping Americans and American businesses fully capture their opportunities for success.

In addition, we have assembled an experienced and talented team of experts in construction, engineering, civil and tax attorneys, and consultants that bring vast knowledge and expertise.

Our Consulting Team: Our consulting team consists of experienced and talented professionals from vast industries and many years of solid, proven results experience from both private and public sector with entrepreneurial spirit that looks out for the best interest of the client and people we work with.

Our Engineering Team: Our in-house team of highly specialized engineers spans across all engineering disciplines, in addition we have partnerships with incredible professionals from the world of architecture, construction, and accounting. We have partnered with a major University School of Engineering and School of Business and Finance and will be expanding our engineering and energy efficient offers to bring the best and most effective technologies to our clients and referral partners.

Our Legal Team: Our legal experts are advisors comprising of experienced attorneys from the civil side and tax side of the law. We are excited to have both of councils to guide us at Hayley Capital. Our cost segregation tax attorney is a nationally recognized experienced tax attorney with over four decades of experience with advanced tax strategies and was a Forensic Medical Officer representing military hospitals and physicians.

Our Business Development Team: Our amazing & talented customer-centric business development team consists of professionals, entrepreneurs and university students in Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Washington DC.

Our IT & Development Team: This support team of highly qualified professionals utilizes their skills to design, implement and develop the most advanced web processes and development allowing our businesses and clients to maximize performance both in the digital world and within their business. Micro influencers, customer experience, brand experience, user experience.