C Stores

cstoreCost segregation is becoming more and more common among Convenience Store owners due to the immediate additional cash flow Cost Segregation brings, allowing a property owner to further his investment. Additionally, with the benefit of having multiple locations to perform a study, the property owner will reap even more benefits by bundling studies and saving even more.

For a company that owns multiple c-store properties, this could be an excellent windfall. Even for single properties of $500,000 in value, it can make sense. And for new properties you can maximize your depreciation under IRS section 179.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-gas-station-image25247518Cost Segregation Example:
Cost Basis: $2,874,409
Accelerated:$919,810 (32%)
First Year Tax Benefit:$136,055
Five Year Tax Benefit:$686,134