Who is Eligible, Who Will Benefit


Who Will Benefit from a Fully Engineered Cost Segregation Study?

A fully engineered study conducted by our team of talented experts in the areas of engineering, accounting, construction and consulting professionals can assist you in identifying opportunities to claim accelerated depreciation. A study is beneficial if you are:

  • Acquiring an existing building
  • Building a new facility
  • Renovating, expanding or improving an existing building
  • Conducting leasehold improvements on a facility

A fully-engineered study works most efficiently for new buildings projects while they are still in the design stage or under construction, but can uncover numerous retroactive deductions for older existing buildings as well.

Existing commercial property owners are often overlooked as we can “look back” and catch up all remaining depreciation without amending the tax return.


♦ Must be “for profit” & have an IRS tax liability

♦ Must have owned property, renovated or leased property less than 15 years (actual building can be older)

♦ Valuation minimum of $1M on Commercial Property (including major renovations, or expansions) OR A minimum of $450,000 in leasehold improvements or build outs (not FF&E)