More About Our Services

At Hayley Capital, we work hard to find the best people and companies to work with. Through our collaborative and referral strength, we can bring you tremendous value while you keep stay focused on your core business. Finding the best resources is what we do!

•Financing for Your Projects
•Business Brokerage-M&A
•Energy Efficiency Retrofit Lighting
•Energy Efficiency HVAC
•Best in Wealth Management
•Title Company for Commercial Property
•Large Scale Property Management
•Corporate Wellness, Training, & Cultural Expansion
•Full Range of Accounting Firms & Tax Attorneys
•Builders & Developers
•Commercial Cleaning
•Merchant Services
•Speakers for Business Conferences or Associations

In addition to Cost Segregation Services, we offer:

Pre-Construction Cost Segregation Design Guidance

We provide up-front construction techniques and design guidance to you and your team in order to maximize your tax savings. Did you know that you can typically receive an additional 6-15% on top of your existing cost segregation tax benefits by building “Tax Friendly”? Contact us to receive your complimentary cost segregation design guidance on your next project.

Construction Audit

Construction projects are among the largest and most complex financial expenditures undertaken by many entities. Construction contracts are very complicated and difficult to read. All contract types can and should be audited to ensure you have not over paid. If you have completed a construction project within the last three (3) years in excess of $500,000 then you should contact us for an independent free review.