Commercial Lenders

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally and discover how your bank or financial institution can apply the benefits of cost segregation studies and increase your loan production and benefit your customers.

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Benefits to the Bank

  • This In-depth look at a building allows banks to discover potential hidden value
  • Cash flow is increased for debt service and may be reserved against the debt
  • Property insurance premiums can be lower due to reclassification
  • Savvy lenders know that by considering more than a business’s credit scores, they look at the full range of quantitative & qualitative factors when approving credit
  • Additional fee income to the bank

Let us show you how together we can benefit your customers and turn a marginal loan into an exceptional loan….TODAY

The Journal of Accountancy says,

“Cost segregation is not a tax shelter. It is an IRS defined and guided tax reduction tool. Ninety-percent of all commercial property investors are overpaying their federal income taxes