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“Cost Segregation is a lucrative Tax Strategy that should be used in almost every purchase of commercial real estate.” ~ IRS, Wall Street Journal  ________________________________________________________________________________

ablh working to improve helen ga businessA “fully engineered and accounted” Cost Segregation Study allows commercial property owners to write off their property (new and existing) in the shortest time permissible under IRS tax laws, thus minimizing overall tax liability and improving cash flow.


  • We specialize in identifying all the components of commercial property. These can then be adjusted from the typical 39 year schedule to 5, 7 or 15 years
  • A Fully Engineered Analysis Study could be the most significant opportunity to reduce your current tax liability and increase cash flow in regard to your commercial property
  • This study bridges the gap between engineering, construction and accounting


  • Must be a “for profit” entity
  • Must have an IRS tax liability
  • Must have owned property less than 15 years (actual building can be older)
  • Valuation minimum of $800,000 on Commercial Property (including major renovations, restorations and/or expansions)
  • A minimum of $450,000 in leasehold improvements or build outs (not FF&E)


  • Reclassify Your Taxes (Carry Back): You can reclassify your current tax liability using IRS Form 3115 and our fully engineered study
  • Amend Your Taxes (Look Back): You can look back up to two years


  • Over 20 years experience, having completed over 10,500 Cost Seg studies
  • Specialized engineers, “Big 4” accountants and proprietary modeling software
  • Our partner is the only Cost Seg expert witness used as the US Tax Court
  • No study ever rejected or denied by the IRS <Quality Assurance Guarantee>


  • First, do you plan to keep your building for the next few years, and would additional cash flow help you and your company now? If yes, then…
  • We provide a “complimentary” property analysis that will clearly indicate the expected cash benefit and ROI of our Cost Segregation study
  • We will review the assessment with you and your CPA to address questions
  • Once engaged, we conduct a property inspection and deliver the fully engineered study
  • After submitting Form 3115, your estimated taxes are immediately impacted

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