Some large companies overpay millions to hundreds of separate companies. Accountants and IT departments struggle to keep up with all these different providers and services. Telecom providers know this. They are required by law to let companies know when better deals become available and provide refunds when audited.

Rodney Ramlochan runs our telecom recovery division. He was in charge of Fortune 500 accounts at Verizon for more than 20 years with 300 auditors under him when he realized telecom companies like his were overcharging millions. He took 48 of the top auditors from AIG, AT&T, Verizon, Bell Atlantic and PricewaterhouseCoopers to start an auditing firm to help companies. In some cases we recover charges going back as far as 10 years, depending on the contract.

Once overages and other errors are identified, calculated, and proven, telecoms are required by law to refund cash for these overages retroactively. Providers send refunds back directly to your company. We prefer to work with companies spending $1M+ per year. No less than $300k per year or $25k per month.

Most large companies we work with have internal auditors or hire outside auditors. We have still recovered as much as 20% even after other auditing companies have recently performed a full audit.

State, federal, veteran, minority and many other discounts are often overlooked as well as misdesignated line types,  duplicate accounts, surcharges, and wrongful late fees that may reoccur for many years.

You recover up to 10 years of losses without spending any time or money. Services are conducted off-site in 30-60 days for an agreed upon percentage of funds recovered. We begin as soon as we receive billing information and letters of carrier authentication.