More About Our Team

Our Professional Team 

Our professional team is led by Barbara Hayley, a noted expert in the field of cost segregation and takes great pride in helping Americans and American businesses fully capture their opportunities for success. 

Her career-long fascination with optimization of performance and opportunities has provided the basis for a highly successful motivational training and speaking practice and it is the same vigor for results and insight into performance that drives the day-to-day rhythm of Advanced Strategic Analysis Partners and Hayley Capital. 

Barbara is an accomplished real estate professional that grew up in the residential and commercial real estate development/building industry in the Texas Coastal Bend Area. Her Grandfather, Father, Brother, Great Uncle, Uncle and Cousins all owned residential and commercial real estate companies and her father established a reputation as an expert in concrete and began commercial development in the late 70’s. 

Barbara has a strong ability to turn a vision into a reality through sound strategy development and communication. She sees deep beneath the surface and can see opportunity that others miss. She thrives on bringing clarity to complex situations, challenges and inspires others to perform beyond their current ability and maintains a strong set of values. 

In addition, we have assembled an experienced and talented team of experts in construction, engineering, civil and tax attorneys and consultants that bring vast knowledge and expertise. 

Consulting Team: our consulting team consists of experienced and talented professionals from vast industries and many years of solid, proven results experience.  

Engineering team: our engineering team consists of professionals that specialize in the areas of engineering, architecture, construction, accounting in all areas of engineering tax reduction technologies.  

Our legal team: Our legal experts are advisors and comprised of two extremely experienced attorneys from the civil side and tax side of the law. We are excited to have both of councils to guide us at Hayley Capital. They consist of an experienced civil trial lawyer with emphasis on commercial litigation, business litigation, business formations and contracts along with our tax attorney, a nationally recognized experienced tax attorney with over four decades of experience with advanced tax strategies and was a Forensic Medical Officer representing military hospitals and physicians. 

Business Development Team: our amazing & talented customer-centric business development team consists of professionals in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina & Washington DC.  

Our IT & Development Team: this support team of highly qualified professionals utilizes their skills to design, implement and develop the most adadvanced web processes  and development allowing our businesses and clients to maximize performance both in the digital world and within their business. Micro influencers, customer experience, brand experience, user experience.