Under $500K Basis Studies

If you own or lease a commercial building or residential rental home under $500K basis and want to ‘find’ money hidden in your walls through additional tax benefits, consider performing a Cost Segregation study.

 Residential Rentals, Condos, Town-homes, Smaller Commercial Buildings/Properties

Rental home property is a great way to reduce the amount you own on your federal income taxes.

The IRS allows for engineered cost segregation study for residential rental property to accelerate the remaining depreciation.

We designed this software product to give more flexibility to property owners that was not able to take advantage of cost segregation benefits. We have 2 programs for rental residential property; (1) cost basis (purchase price excluding land) under $500K, & (2) cost basis (excluding land) over $500K, price varies.

If you suffered a loss on your rental homes, once you get the repairs completed (keep good records of the repairs even if you self-perform) and we can accelerate the depreciation of the home, renovations and remodeling.

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