Removable & De-mountable Drywall Application

Our drywall Technology is a demountable drywall partition system.  The patented process allows for the installation of drywalls that can be removed, relocated and reused, in both new construction and renovation.

  1. Walls are installed using conventional materials – gypsum board, removable screws and joint compound
  2. Instead of mudding over the screws and drywall joints, the self-adhesive Tape is applied first
  3. Joint compound is then applied over the Tape which was developed with precise horizontal and vertical carbon-fiber threads to control the amount of compound applied in the mudding process
  4. A tab is left exposed at the joint bottom, later covered by baseboard or carpet
  5. To remove and reuse the drywall partition*, this tab is exposed and the carbon fiber strength allows the tape to be “zipped up” through the mud and paint to cleanly expose the seam and drywall screws for demounting

Working in conjunction with the IRS has allowed our Removable & De-mountable Drywall System® to provide significant financial benefits and increased cash flow for investors in commercial and residential real estate.

Removable & De-mountable Drywall Tape® is UL Fire Rated
Removable & De-mountable Drywall Tape® is the only drywall tape to pass IRS testing to qualify for Federal Tax benefit

*Method for removing Joint Tape and Drywall is protected by US Patents #7197853, #7451577B2 and US & Foreign Pending Patents © 2009 Green Zip.  All rights reserved.