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Now is the time to begin the process for any tax filing period and tax planning for 2019-2020 and beyond.

Find out just how much your property can accelerate. New Construction, Renovations, Acquired (within the past 15 years) NO AMENDING OF TAX RETURN. We work with both large and small commercial property owners and provide the same excellence and commitment.

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Actual Results from Recent Properties

  • New Free Standing ER: Cost Basis: $4.4M
    1st yr. depreciation (Income Tax Reduction): $991K
    1st yr. cash flow $430K
  • Medical Spa New Construction: Cost Basis: $9.4M
    1st yr. depreciation (Income Tax Reduction) $4,500,376
    1st yr. cash flow $1,800,150
    Green Zip $1,219,570
  • Leasehold Dental Office: Cost Basis: $550,000
    1st yr. Depreciation (Income Tax Reduction) $225,845
    1st yr. cash flow $102,786
  • New Construction Class A Office Bldg, LEED Certified:
    Cost Basis: $55M
    1st year depreciation (income tax reduction) $14M depreciation
    1st year cash flow $5.2M
    Green Zip: $9M tax reduction, cash flow $3M
    179D: $450K tax deduction, cash flow $189K

Healthcare, Hotels, Manufacturing, Office Buildings, Retail Space, Multi-Family, Home Builders, Day Care, Industrial franchises, C Stores, Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, etc.

“Cost Segregation is a lucrative Tax Strategy that should be used in almost every purchase of commercial real estate.” IRS, Wall Street Journal