Fully Engineered Studies

Advanced Engineered Studies, Reduce Your Taxes NOW!


Hayley Capital, HQ in Houston Texas and operates in all 50 states, uses the Gold Standard of Advanced Engineering Studies and Solutions that stands out above the competition. Our team utilizes customized software to perform our fully engineered, construction & accounted studies. We have strategic alliances with commercial builders, law firms, accounting firms, advanced wealth advisors, architects, banks, and property owners among others that work closely with us to significantly reduce federal income taxes by offering a suite of services in addition to Hayley Capital for both for-profit and non-profit commercial property owners.

In addition we use Advanced Tax Strategies and Methods bringing tremendous value, so you can maximize the performance of your commercial property

We specialize in healthcare, commercial buildings, offices, manufacturing and industrial, multi-family, residential rental properties and any type of for-profit commercial property. We work with bankers, financial professionals, architects, builders, CPA’s, developers and owners to achieve their goals of reducing taxes and operational energy efficient tax benefits. Once we team up on a project in the early stages, we can increase the tax benefits significantly.

We think like no one else, we get it done like no one else and we perform like no one else but most of all, we have resources like no one else and we leverage that advantage to bring valuable resources to our customers. If we don’t have it, we will get it. We are paid for what you don’t have; time to get it done, additional money that is inside your buildings, & resources that make the difference. We negotiate on your behalf with our resource partners in the best possible way so you can spend time doing what you do best, your business. We work with both large and mid-sized commercial properties.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with you and your team.

Our Engineered and Advance Tax Services:

  • Cost Segregation identifies and reclassifies personal property assets to shorten the depreciation time for taxation purposes, reducing current income tax obligations and increases cash flow. Tax laws allows to recapture 15 years of depreciation without amending tax return
  • New Repair vs. Capitalization IRS Rules Our cost segregation study complies with these new rules and makes cost segregation studies even more relevant for componentization to meet new regulatory requirements and takes the burden off your CPA
  • Drywall Technique IRS Approved-A demountable drywall system our newest construction technique adding significant benefits & an additional benefit of $10-$32 p/ft. (change orders not necessary, simple to use)
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies we purchase directly from the manufacturer and pass that savings on to you
  • 179D EPAC Energy Efficient federal tax incentive that allows commercial property owners to deduct from their taxes up to $1.80 per sq./ft. for qualifying property (for installs prior to December 31, 2017)
  • Predominant Use Study is an evaluation of your company’s electric and natural gas consumption that can allow you to receive state/local sales tax exemption (For Texas it is retroactive 4 years)
  • Building “Tax Friendly” For our clients, we include construction techniques to maximize these deductions & increase tax benefits PRIOR to construction
  • Leasehold improvements: When negotiating your new lease, it is very important to incorporate in your lease language that it will allow you, not your landlord, to take the depreciation on your space improvements