Advanced Capital Recovery

Advanced Engineered Tax Solutions, Reduce Your Taxes NOW!

We are Hayley Capital. A company focused entirely on finding value for our clients.

We identify areas of business that present opportunities to recover costs and unlock profits. These opportunity areas often require specialized knowledge, skills, analysis or software to access.

We get great satisfaction from recovering that value for our clients and subsequently forging the kind of relationship that allows us to find further ways to collaborate.

Examples include: Cost Segregation Studies, Niche Engineering Tax Reductions, Research & Development Tax Credits, Accelerated Capital Recovery (ACR) on real estate assets, telecom’s cost recovery, and medical billing analysis.

WHAT WE DO: We are a best-in-class firm that identifies and delivers engineered tax benefits by analyzing commercial property to accelerate 39-year property into 5, 7- & 15-year class life. We focus on a few highly specialized areas of engineering tax solutions and are very experienced in all the nuances of those fields. We also employ a customized proprietary software to facilitate what would otherwise be an extremely complex task. We are not a CPA firm, instead we specialize in engineering, construction and consulting solutions for commercial property owners, CPA’s and CFO’s to ensure our clients receive engineering tax deductions available for commercial properties.

PROCESS: After an initial discussion with the client/building owner we provide a complementary preliminary  analysis of the potential tax reduction. When the client elects to proceed, we execute a client agreement, collect necessary documents, perform a site visit, conduct detailed analysis and provide fully engineered IRS-compliant documentation to the client. Our fee is a fraction of the tax reduction identified.

OUR ANALYSIS: We perform our Gold standard fully- engineering and construction studies on for-profit commercial property delivering substantial tax reduction by identifying assets that accelerate faster than standard 39-year. For example: On a $10M building purchased/ground up new in 2018-20120 we can potentially accelerate between 40%-50% in the 1st year due to 100% bonus depreciation, which would reduce potential taxable income deduction of $5M to a building owner that is an LLC paying (40% combined tax rate) and reducing taxes paid to IRS by tax rate.

No amending of tax return.


TRACK RECORD: We are a leader in our field and our engineering and legal team has completed over 5,000 studies. Our approach gives us the confidence to offer our Peace Of Mind Guarantee: If our clients incur an examination by the Internal Revenue Service, our team of engineers, lawyers and experts will provide the IRS with all requested documents and defend our study at no cost to our clients.