Benefits for Contractors

EPA & AIA Best Building Component Award Winner

Marek used the system on its new building which gained them about $600,000 (NPV or net present value; or discounted to today’s dollars) from the U.S. Government…plus another $400k +/- available on phase 2. Total about $1MM. Why wouldn’t they use it? For that matter why wouldn’t everyone?

• Eliminate competition: You can use the system to differentiate yourselves from the competition and set yourselves up to do all the re-configuration work. The more you use it the more it can lock you in as their service provider.

• Double the scope of drywall work & fees where the tenant is considering “pre-manufactured” walls. Chevron switched from Steelcase pre-manufactured walls to GZTP. This more than doubled the fees to Marek from Chevron.

• Bring revenue to the owner in excess of the drywall cost. The government cash incentive is about $70 to $150 per lineal foot of wall or $3 to $10 per sq foot of floor area. This more than pays the drywall cost to the buyer. Drywall becomes free to the owner when GZTP is used.

Advantages and things to watch for.

1. Bubbling up is NOT a problem as with paper tape.
2. Three times the adhesive of other mesh tapes. No more tape falling off the wall. Adhesive is also acrylic not rubber based giving it a longer shelf life.
3. No layer of mud under the tape omits the need for cumbersome bazooka guns.
4. Use paper tape on corners. It is pre-scored and many of the installers prefer it so do it.
5. As with any system proper curing. Humidity and temperature is important.

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