Next Steps

  • First, do you plan to keep your building for the next few years, and would additional cash flow help you and your company now? If yes, then…
  • We provide a “complimentary” property analysis that will clearly indicate the expected cash benefit and ROI of Cost Segregation study
  • We will review the assessment and answer questions with you and your CPA and together help determine if conducting a cost segregation study is the right business move for you
  • Sign agreement (minimal deposit required)
  • Property site inspection (Usually 4-9 hours)
  • We will prepare the final report and go over the numbers with you
  • The average report turn-around time to complete a study is 6-8 weeks.

Tax season is here. If you or your customer would like to reduce taxes by utilizing our engineering solutions, please contact us now.


Our Quality Assurance Service Guarantee; We defend our studies to the IRS at no cost to you, speaks for itself. All Cost Segregation firms are not the same, we guarantee our studies and our studies are performed in house with our team of experts.

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